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Mission's Trip

Hi Everyone!

Sorry this post has nothing to do with the Amish directly but I'll talk about that a little bit too! I recently go back from my first Mission's Trip with my youth group. We went to Georgia and it was life changing! God worked in my heart so much and in everyone of our students and leaders!

I felt God in such a new and loving way and it was amazing. We worked a lot with homeless, prostitues (1 of them decided to leave the streets and go home PRAISE THE LORD!!) and the kids in the city. We really helped the Atlanta Dream Center which is the church we worked with. They have an amazing repuation there and are doing great works in that city.

I read an email from somone asking about missing mission's trips when I become Amish and wether I'd miss them or not. And the truth is yes I will miss them very much but...they aren't over. The Amish are always one of the first to go when a neighbor needs help or when our country needs volunteers (Katrina etc.). I never felt God's hand leading me to overseas missions but I did feel Him leading me towards being an "at home missionary" which is what all of us Christians are called to be if we're not overseas, I believe. I think being Amish will help me witness to people and show them my outward love for Christ but I also want to show people the inward love for Christ that I have. Just a simple smile or God Bless You are things we can do daily to be Missionaries for God on the homefront. Those small things plant "seeds" that can bloom greatly for God as we saw so much this week

I just wanted everyone to know that there are simple things we can all do, Amish, "english", black, white etc. God is so great and we can't keep Him to ourseleves! So yes I will miss this week long mission adventure but it won't end now that I'm at home. I'm going to strive to be a better homefront missionary for the Lord even after I join the Amish!

God Bless You!! ~Kate~ p.s. Hope you had a great 4th of July!

суббота, 11 августа 2012 г.

Amish clothes

Hello again!

Well after some thought I figured the subject for my next post (this one!)...clothes! Many people are curious about the Amish way of dress so here is how 'we' dress in the Old Order Amish church I go to! I don't know as much about the boys' clothes as I do the girl's so bear with me. As for myself, I do not wear my Amish clothes at home. I do wear modest skirts, shirts and a scarf. Though when I go to visit my Amish "family" and church I do wear my Amish clothes. Enjoy!

Women: The Amish women in our community always wear long plain dresses. They also wear a cape (same color as dress) and an apron (can be any color for everyday). All our dresses are plain with no patterns. They'll also have a white kapp that is always worn (including in church, see 1 Corinthians 11). Once the women are baptized members of the church they begin to wear cape and aprons everyday. Married women will wear whitekapps while at home and church. For nightclothes women will just wear any sort of nightgown, though it's usually home made. They will wear scarfs on their heads for nightime. In PA dutch we call them "kupdohs" :-) At church women will wear a dark colored dress with white cape and apron to match the dress.

Girls: Girls dress very similar to their mothers but still are a little different. For starters they will wear a blackkapp at home. At home they'll wear "everyday" dresses and an apron that ties around the waist.They will only wear cape and aprons once they are 10 years old and above. Girls under 10 will wear a full length apron that matches the dress. Capes and aprons or Holsdoh und Schatz are worn only at church or when visiting others. At church capes and aprons are white and girls will wear a black kapp to go with them. For nightclothes they'll wear nightgowns like their mothers and a head scarf as well (always white).

Men/Boys: I don't know as much about their clothes except what I've seen so here it goes. At home men will wear denim pants (w/ suspenders) and colored shirts. When outside (where they normally always are except for meals) they'll wear a straw hat. At church the men will wear white shirts and black pants with black suspenders. When getting to church the men will wear solid black hats but those will be removed for church service.

Everyone: In this church certain colors are not allowed to be worn. These colors are red, yellow, purple, orange, wine and other bright colors. The church has decided that these colors are not plain and they want to keep the members humble and plain in the darker colors.

Here is a picture of our style of cape dress:
(these are mennonites but their dresses are a lot like ours)
Here is a picture of the style of kapp we use:

Blessings to you!

среда, 11 июля 2012 г.

Amish Church

I had someone ask me a little about Amish church so I decided to do a post about that to give people a view into the worship service.

When we (the family I go to church with) first get to church (normally we go with a Buggy but if it's close we'll walk) we women go and take off our bonnets and coats if we wore them that Sunday. I'm not sure what the men do but they prob. do something similar with their hats. Once we have our wraps put away we'll go to a room where the women gather. The women will gather in one place and the men in another. I only know the view of church from the women's point of view. When we walk in the women who are already there are in a big circle quietly visiting, the people just arriving will come in and shake hands with all the women already there. If the women are baptized church members they will give the other women "The Holy Kiss" as found in the Bible, tho. I'm not 100% sure where it is. We shake hands with everyone then normally I go stand by the girls my age and we visit and shake hands with the others coming in. Little by little the women go in the room where the benches are set up and sit down. The girls will sit with their mothers's (and boys, their dads) until they are 12 years old. After the men and women are seated the 12+ years old girls go in and sit down in the front benches in age order. The boys will then do the same.

After everyone is seated someone says a song # and we take out the "Ausbund" and a man starts the song. Every syllable is pronounced so 1 song normally takes us about 30 minutes. Once we start singing in slow German the ministers will get up and leave. They go to a private room to discuss who'll preach that day etc. After we finish the 1st song we sing the "Lob Lied' which is always sung 2nd at church. Normally the ministers return to church by the time we're finished with this song but if not we'll start another.
The 1st minister starts preaching on whatever God layed on his heart that morning. After the first part we'll kneel for silent prayer. Once we're finished we stand up while a minister reads from the Bible. Once we're seated again the main part of the sermon takes place and lasts for an hour or so at least. Once again we'll kneel to pray (this time the minister prays outloud from a prayer book) and then stand again after for Bible reading. After the ministers finish preaching a few church members (always men) will give a testimony of what they heard basically saying what they found important or wether they agreed with what the ministers said. After that the boys get up to go and then the girls. The church members will remain seated for a litle while longer of church and discussing church member issues.

After the members are released the men begin setting up benches and tables for the church meal while the young folk girls finish getting food read. Normally we have sandwhiches with homeade bread, cheese sauce, pickles, lettace, homeade peanut butter spread and butter. For dessert we have cookies that the women of the church take turns bringing. Once we finish eating the young folk girls (16+ years) will wash dishes. The women, men, young folk boys and the children all visit within their own friendship groups. The young folk girls visit too after dishes are finished.

Everyone visits and then after some time people will begin leaving. I forgot to mention that the dating couples will leave as soon as the church meal is over. They'll return to one of their houses to visit with eachother for the afternoon. There is NO bedcourtship in this church. The dating youth are only allowed Sunday afternoons to visit with eachother (unless there is a youth activity throughout the week).

Well this is how Amish church goes in the Old Order Amish church I go to. Church will last 3 hours (from 9am-12pm) and then most families stay till about 2:30 pm. If you have any questions just comment or email me! Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into Amish church!

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Hi everyone,
Well I never thought I'd be a blogger but I decided to just try a few blogs and see if anyone is interested in my story or not. :-) I am 16 years old and when I graudate high school I will be joining the Amish church. Ever since I was about 9 years old I have been attracted to the Amish way of life. When I was 11 I wrote to my first Amish family and visited them and made friends with them. After 2 years of visiting them they invited me to go to church with them! I have been attending Amish church whenever possible ever since. I think this August will be my 4th year going. I have made so many wonderful friends and feel so welcomed into their community. Once I graduate high school (a request of my parents) I will move up to the area and live with an Amish family there. We aren't sure who I'll live with yet but lots of families have offered. I figured people would be interested in learning more about the Amish culture and way of life in this community (which is Old Order Amish) and hopefully people can grow to respect them more.

I am doing this blog mostly to help answer peoples questions they may have about the Amish. Though believe me I do not have all the answers! I can try to answer any questions I know on my own and I can ask the family I stay with when I attend church the questions I don't have the answers too. Please feel free to email me with any questions you have or topics to discuss for my blog since I am not really sure how to begin! :-)

Hope to hear from you very soon! With love,


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I wasn't planning on posting anymore but didn't feel anything against an update. So here it is :)

I am not moving until August now when Summer is finished. We (mom and I) decided it would be best for everyone if I just waited until Summertime is done. This way I have a little more time at home with her and also with my cousins and friends whom I won't see very often once I move.

I've also found a home! God really provided the perfect place and revealed that this place was where He wanted me to be. It is a huge blessing! The family only has 1 older daughter, 21, who is a good friend of mine. They are excited to have me in their home and I am excited to be there.

Thank you all for praying for me while I go through this time! I will try and do one more update before I leave for good. God bless and be with you!